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Other Online Music

Here is a growing list of original music on the internet that meets the highest standards and as such is head and shoulders above the rest. 

  • Songwriting so good it impressed me. 
  • Music so good it made me hum it in my head. 
  • Production so good, I forgot it was unsigned.

Susan Raven - beautiful arrangements - slightly prog rock/folky influences.

Stephanie Newport - A truly gifted songwriter with a first class voice.

Further Out Records - Indie Label specialising in cool NuJazz electronica.

Palancar - Darrell Bergen, Ambient, electronic, world fusion and new age music genius.   Darrell is also one of the best Internet Radio DJs around.

Elu - Jeff Mettling - if you like Enigma, you'll love Jeff's work.

MC Hawking - just for fun, marvellous lyrical content and amusing points of view.

Vital Point - totally excellent guitars,   great vocals, bursting with hi octane excitement.