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Down to Zero - September 2006

by Internationally renowned choreographer Neville Campbell

P1010019a.jpg (205603 bytes)
Picture taken during rehearsals

Soundtrack by Paul Cantillon
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What can I say ? Everyone was fantastic, but extra special thanks and praise must first of all go to the dancers who gave a superb performance on both nights:

  • Kerry Biggin
  • Cody Choi
  • Jacqui Claus
  • Adam Edwards
  • Stephanie Elstob
  • Mikah Smillie
  • Anna Michelle Watkins
  • Chloe Wilkinson

Neville's wife Julie was always on hand to assist with rehearsals and also took over whenever Neville was unable to attend himself.

Ritchie did an excellent job with the lighting and the breathtaking sound was brought in especially by RMB.  Dance City were the perfect hosts and Film Nova managed to project the performance onto the walls almost immediately after the show - how fast a turnaround do you want from a film company ?  Unsurprisingly, everyone's looking forward to seeing the film in it's finished state.

To highlight their own personal achievement in the "run up" to the performance, it should be pointed out that for almost a whole month they travelled at least a half marathon every day of their six day a week rehearsal - sometimes more.  We know this as they were all wearing pedometers.   It's also worth noting that pedometers only count the number of steps - not the extremely athletic and exhausting jumps that the dance included - sometimes landing after a jump creates the equivalent of 6 "Gs" on one leg.

Judging by the standing ovation of Friday's audience, there will hopefully be more than enough reason for Neville to accept the opportunity of touring the piece - maybe you'll be lucky enough to have it appear at a venue near you, too.

The Music CD is available now.