2HK - A NuJazz direction for 2HK as part of the Big Guitar CD.


Big Guitar








- read fan
Beautifully slow start to an infectious dancing, axe wielding hi energy finale.

A dark moody piece comprising hammond organ, a rich synth pad and melodic but wild guitar in NuJazz fusion style.

a 90's electro "DaftPunk" feel with 70's harmonised guitars

Open Doors
A fluid NuJazz groove underpinning sax, funky wah wah guitar and mellow Rhodes piano

Do You Love Me Too (2HK remix)
Melodic bossanova groove with Santana-esque guitar.  MP3 Not available.
Released on 12" Vinyl by
, it is being played in New York, Portugal, San Francisco and Serbia.   Will this complete 2HK's Santana-isation of Nu Jazz ?  12" Now sold out.

The following good people have played 2HK's 12", Do You Love Me Too (2HK Remix) on Air:

- Portugal
Freefall (KUSF) - San Francisco
- Serbia (in the former Yugoslavia)
- Australia

Fans comments on 2HK's previous CD nEuro TranceMission:

"Whoa - huge beat, ....this will keep the dance floor hopping..Outstanding production"
, the chart topping Ambient Electronica genius.
... listenable album tracks, rather than just dance floor fillers - I Love That!
- Jim Wolfensberger,
Infectious! Reminds me of U2 pop. I love it!!
   talking about MK Ultra
Great vocoder! ... great production. I stopped by and listened because I caught the words "MK Ultra" in the "Today's Top 20 Listens" -